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Bali Mandala Resort Meditation hallThe Bali Mandala Resort is located in Bali´s biggest coconut-forest near the center of Bondalem on one hectare of land in a lush tropical garden, right at the beach of the Bali Sea. Beside eleven Bungalows with 30 beds the Resort offers two wonderfull group-rooms. It is run with a very personal feel by an artist-therapist couple.


Bali Mandala Resort RestaurantA two-story open air structure overlooking the beach. The restaurant is equipped with a fully functional kitchen and staff that are trained for preparing traditional & wholesome foods including any special requests. The restaurant can easily be prepared for meetings, parties and sophisticated dining experiences.Bali Mandala Resort Früchte






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Sewer Tanks. Special garbage project for the village, supported by selling water bottles for recycling in special bags to the guests. Composting, separating plastic, glass and metal. They are taking care of the nearby river by cleaning it monthly and having built a system to stop garbage from flushing into the ocean. They are using eco friendly soap for laundry. They found a yayasan and built a school "Saraswati Mandala", to support special education in English, Computer, environmental awareness and health. See


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