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Dancing lessons with Sanggar Seni Santhi Budaya

Mahanara Culture Margapati DanceWether you like to translate "Sanggar Seni" with "Studio for Arts" or "Atelier of Culture" or you prefer to call it simply "dancing-school": by booking one of our lessons at Sanggar Seni Santhi Budaya you will be asthonished to recognize that they teach traditional Balinese dance right from the very beginning. What you get here is not a tourist-compatible trial lesson. No! A world of its own, the universe of Balinese Culture and Tradition will here become apparent to you.
MahaNara Travel is giving you the opportunity having your first move into the world of Balinese dance at this internationally successful and prestigious school.  Those, having already the basics can join advanced teaching units. We are proud being able to offer you this "University" of Balinese Dance.

Gamelan lessons with Ketut Badra

We are very glad to announce another cultural highlight. Wherever you are in Bali you are accompanied by it. In your hotel, during your walk at the beach, while shopping, while having lunch or dinner. Perhaps you won´t notice it at all. Gamelan music. For many Tourists it is a big part of Bali´s magic.

We give you an opportunity to study this charming music. We managed to find a teacher who cares for eight gamelan-groups around Buleleng. With all his experience he will help you to find a way into this world of exotic music: Ketut Badra.

For generations the male members of his family had an artistic tradition. Particularly Wayang Kulit (shadow-puppets theater) and Gamelan music are practiced. Professional skills are passed down generations. Ketut Badra is a natural. Inspired by nature and the traditions of his family he won´t only play and teach century old compositions; he himself creates new music.
Natural themes are most interesting for him. the exotic bird of paradise (Centrawasi) might as well be topic of a creation as flowers. Beyond that he modestly talks about own inspirations, taking new shape in his music. Already three times he won awards.

You can study various forms of Gamelan with him: Gender, Angklung, Gong Kebyar and Rindik. The course of action is remarkably simple: You and your teacher Ketut will sit face to face at the gamelan instrument. Just by watching the teachers hand your hand will follow him through the melodies. You will play music jointly: through multiple repetition you will internalize this music which gets along without written notes. During this process the teacher will individually focus on his pupil’s acquirements.  Nobody will be overstrained. Patiently he will guide you to your first success. Just try it!!

You shouldn´t do less than three lessons, as it takes some time getting used to the instrument.

Private (Wedding) Ceremony

Mahanara Travel - private ceremony - Balinese WeddingYou have got your wedding anniversary coming up? You are on your second honeymoon with your partner and you would like to renew your marriage vows, dressed in exotic costumes, styled like a Balinese bridal couple, surrounded by the magic of the Balinese tradition?
Imagine an exotic private garden:
 A place decorated with colourful drapery, the gamelan sounding mystically and then a second and a third and a fourth… Drums join in rhythmically. It will send a chill down your spine… and you are right in the middle of it, close to your partner. Dancers appear and they give shape and form to the music. Then there is silence. The assembled village community will pray for you and your partner and bless you.
A professional photographer will be there to make sure that you will be able to treasure the memory of these special moments when you are back home. Years later you will be able to enjoy the photos of the renewal of your marriage vows.

Mahanara Travel - Couple in Balinese WEdding CostumeOur offer comprises:
A splendid exotic garden – adorned especially for your anniversary
Balinese ceremonial; wedding robes for both of you;
Make-up and styling by skilled staff;
a Gamelan group;
Balinese dancers;
a festive banquet which will follow the renewal of your marriage vows.

The ceremony will be tailored to your wishes and expectations. We are happy to give advice and assistance.

Our offer does not comprise:
Genuine wedding rites – you had better ask at professional providers, local temples or churches
A priest – we only offer this for Hindu-couples

This ritual we offer in combination with a (short) holiday in Villa Manuk.