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Discover traditional handicrafts enterprises in North Bali

With this tours – which you can create by your own in a building block system – you can witness the still existing wonderful handicraft pieces from the amazing prestidigitation of the Balinese Artisan.
Also we introduce in this tours the manufacturing of other products for the daily Balinese life.

Costum Made Tours - Handicraft Shadow PuppetsWayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets)

Maybe by chance you visited already one of the spectacular shadow- puppet-performances? Join our tour to an artist who creates these puppets made of leather. He will also introduce you to the world of the Wayang Kulit.


Weaving Mill

Costum Made Tours - Hand woven Songket SarongWhether you like to use it as a skirt, as a blanket at the beach, as a souvenir for friends or even as a tablecloth: there are various alternatives to apply a sarong. But did you ever see a traditional hand-woven Balinese Sarong? Can you guess, how much working hours are needed to weave a sarong? Do you know why this handicraft is in some cases endangered to become extinct? Come with us to a weaving mill and be astonished about the origination of these wonderful draperies on simple looms.